Aug. 26
Halla A Halla B Samda A Samda B 301 302 3F Lobby
(Room A) (Room B) (Room C) (Room D) (Room E) (Room F)
18:30~20:00 Welcome Reception (Ocean View, 5F)
Aug. 27
Halla A Halla B Samda A Samda B 301 302 3F Lobby
(Room A) (Room B) (Room C) (Room D) (Room E) (Room F)
08:30-08:45 Opening Ceremony (Tamna A, 5F)   Exhibition
08:45-09:30 [PL1] (Tamna A, 5F)
Prof. Martin Moskovits (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
“Surface Enhanced Raman beyond Silver and Gold”
09:30-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-12:00 MoAM-01 MoAM-03 MoAM-04 MoAM-05 MoAM-02 MoAM-07
New SERS Substrates Analytical
Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
 2D Materials (Basic Properties) Clinical Application Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy 1: Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Plasmonic Coupling-1
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:15 [PL2] (Tamna A, 5F)
Prof. George C. Schatz (Northwestern Univ., USA)
“Understanding SERS and TERS Using Metal Cluster Models and Electronic Structure Theory”
14:15-14:30 Break
14:30-16:30 MoPM1-01 MoPM1-03 MoPM1-04 MoPM1-05 MoPM1-02 MoPM1-07
Biological Applications-1 Analytical
Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
Magnetic Materials 1 Drug Delivery and Monitoring Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy 2: Electronic
Excited State and Solvent Dynamics
Plasmonic Hot Electrons
16:30-16:45 Break
16:45-18:45 MoPM2-01 MoPM2-03 MoPM2-04 MoPM2-05 MoPM2-02 MoPM2-07
Biological Applications-2 Analytical
Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
2D Materials (Strain and External Perturbations) Monitoring of Biological Reaction Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy 3: Resonance Raman and Raman Theory Plasmonic Coupling-2
18:45-20:30             Poster Session 1
Aug. 28
Halla A Halla B Samda A Samda B 301 302 3F Lobby
(Room A) (Room B) (Room C) (Room D) (Room E) (Room F)
08:45-09:30 [PL3] (Tamna A, 5F)
Dr. Luis M. Liz-Marzán (CIC biomaGUNE, Spain)
“SERS Monitoring of Quorum Sensing in Bacteria Colonies”
09:30-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-12:00 TuAM-01 TuAM-03 TuAM-04 TuAM-05 TuAM-02 TuAM-07
SERS and
Chemical Enhancement
Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
 2D Materials (Novel Raman Techniques) Biological Assay Vibrational Microscopy 1: Coherent and Stimluated Raman Nanostructures for SERS-1
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:15 [PL4] (Tamna A, 5F)
Prof. Ewan Blanch (RMIT Univ., Australia) 
“Probing biomolecular structure and behavior with Raman optical activity”
14:15-14:30 Break
14:30-16:30 TuPM1-01 TuPM1-03 TuPM1-04 TuPM1-05 TuPM1-02 TuPM1-07
Nanostructures for SERS Analytical
Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
 Topological and Quantum Materials Bioimaging Vibrational Microscopy 2: Sum-Frequency Generation Plasmonic Field and Trapping
16:30-16:45 Break
16:45-18:45 TuPM2-01 TuPM2-03 TuPM2-04 TuPM2-05 TuPM2-02 TuPM2-07
Electrochemistry and Interfacial Phenomena Analytical
Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
2D Materials (Resonance and Tunneling) Therapy and Diagnostics  Raman Spectroscopy on Life and Materials Plasmonic Antenna
Aug. 29
Halla A Halla B Samda A Samda B 301 302 3F Lobby
(Room A) (Room B) (Room C) (Room D) (Room E) (Room F)
08:45-09:30 [PL5] (Tamna A, 5F)
Dr. Tahei Tahara (RIKEN, Japan)
“Femtosecond Time-Domain Raman Spectroscopy”
09:30-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-12:00 WeAM-01 WeAM-03 WeAM-04 WeAM-05 WeAM-02 WeAM-07
TERS-1 Analytical
Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
2D Materials
and Novel
Cell-Based Assay Time-Resolved
Spectroscopy 4:
Biological Systems
Biological Applications-3
12:00-13:30 Lunch Workshop
13:30-18:00 Excursion
18:30 Gala Dinner (Kensington Jeju Hotel) 
Aug. 30
Halla A Halla B Samda A Samda B 301 302 3F Lobby
(Room A) (Room B) (Room C) (Room D) (Room E) (Room F)
08:45-09:30 [PL6] (Tamna A, 5F)
Prof. Bin Ren (Xiamen Univ., China)
“Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Nanoscale Characterization of Electrochemical Systems”
09:30-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-12:00 ThAM-01 ThAM-03 ThAM-04 ThAM-05 ThAM-02 ThAM-07
TERS-2 Analytical
Raman Techniques/
Magnetic Materials 2 Biochemical Sensing Stimulated Raman Scattering Self-Assembled Structures
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:15 [PL7] (Tamna A, 5F)
Prof. Duncan Graham (Univ. of Strathclyde, UK)
“Raman and SERS Analysis of Biomolecules and Cells”
14:15-14:30 Break
14:30-16:30 ThPM1-01 ThPM1-03 ThPM1-04 ThPM1-05 ThPM1-06 ThPM1-07
TERS-3 Analytical Raman Techniques / Instrumen-
Organic Materials SERS-Based Biosensor Raman Metrology 1 Plasmonic Field and Chirality
16:30-16:45 Break
16:45-18:45 ThPM2-01 ThPM2-03 ThPM2-04 ThPM2-05 ThPM2-06 ThPM2-07
TERS-4 Analytical
Raman Techniques /
2D Materials (Novel Phenomena) Biomedical Application-1 Raman Metrology 2 Single-Molecule SERS and
Chemical Sensing
18:45-20:30 Meet the
Editor Session
'Nature Commu-
          Poster Session 2
Aug. 31
Halla A Halla B Samda A Samda B 301 302 3F Lobby
(Room A) (Room B) (Room C) (Room D) (Room E) (Room F)
09:00-11:00 FrAM-01 FrAM-03   FrAM-05 FrAM-08    
Vibrational and Electronic Excitations by Plasmons Analytical Raman
Techniques /
  Biomedical Application-2  Special Session   Exhibition
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:15 [PL8] (Tamna A, 5F)
Prof. Jaebum Choo (Hanyang Univ., Korea)
“Highly Sensitive In Vitro Diagnostics Using SERS-Based Microdevices”
12:15-12:45 Awards & Closing Ceremony  (Tamna A, 5F)
2   Non-linear and Time-resolved Raman
3   Analytical, Instrumentation, Industrial Applications and New Techniques
4   Materials (2D Materials and Others)
5   Biomedical Applications
6   Fundamental Raman Processes and Theory
7   Plasmonics
8   Special Session

As of July 11, 2018.
The program can be subjected to change.