[Plenary Talk 1] Aug. 27(Mon.) / 08:45-09:30 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

Nanogratings Allow One to Efficiently Use Multiple Metals as SERS Substrates

Prof. Martin Moskovits

UC Santa Barbara, USA
[Plenary Talk2] Aug. 27(Mon.) / 13:30-14:15 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

Understanding SERS and TERS Using Metal Cluster Models and Electronic Structure Theory

Prof. George C. Schatz

Northwestern University, USA
[Plenary Talk 3] Aug. 28(Tue.) / 08:45-09:30 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

SERS Monitoring of Quorum Sensing in Bacteria Colonies

Prof. Luis M. Liz-Marzán

CIC biomaGUNE, Spain
[Plenary Talk 4] Aug. 28(Tue.) / 13:30-14:15 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

Probing Biomolecular Structure and Behavior with Raman Optical Activity

Prof. Ewan Blanch

RMIT University, Australia
[Plenary Talk 5] Aug. 29(Wed.) / 08:45-09:30 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

Femtosecond Time-Domain Raman Spectroscopy

Dr. Tahei Tahara

RIKEN, Japan
[Plenary Talk 6] Aug. 30(Thu.) / 08:45-09:30 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

Tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Nanoscale Characterization of Electrochemical Systems

Prof. Bin Ren

Xiamen University, China
[Plenary Talk 7] Aug. 30(Thu.) / 13:30-14:15 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

Raman and SERS Analysis of Biomolecules and Cells

Prof. Duncan Graham

University of Strathclyde, UK
[Plenary Talk 8] Aug. 31(Fri.) / 11:30-12:15 / Tamna Hall A, 5F

Highly Sensitive In Vitro Diagnostics Using SERS-Based Microdevices

Prof. Jaebum Choo

Hanyang University, Korea

As of June 7, 2018.